Mason Happily Snacking


Hey you, happy Wednesday! Without any school to attend or a really regular job to go to these days I have been creating new, sometimes really important, sometimes really not, tasks for myself to fill my days.  I am all about the list on weekdays- even just writing stuff down that I need to do feels like an accomplishment (:  Yeah, maybe that’s not a good thing…  Today is a list-less day, so, that’s been fun!  Maybe I should make one:

-get a new post out there in to the world (almost check!)

-keep scheming for my secret cake-to-order plan! excited!

-continue eating an un-healthy amount of honey roasted and spiced nuts

Which brings me to what I really wanted to tell you guys about: snacks! 


There were three big winners at the Oscars the other night in my opinion: Ellen, Lupita’s speech (and Lupita’s dress! Girl crush!), and, most importantly, the snacks. 




These nuts…like woah.  So good, so addictive.  I love you Joy.


Of course there had to be popcorn, and sure, we made a big bowl of insanely buttery and equally tasty popcorn, but why not just sprinkle it all over the dessert too? I mean, come on, this is genius.


Buttery and salty get friendly with sweet and creamy.  It’s a very good thing.

I definitely do not need these snacks in my life all the time.  But Oscar night? They where thoroughly necessary. 

xo, mason.



One thought on “Mason Happily Snacking

  1. lifewithliz says:

    another delightful post, m’dear. Loved the link to 🙂

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