Snow Days

Yay for snow days! Even though I’m not going to school right now it was still pretty thrilling to get the call saying all schools would be closed- not just Monday but Tuesday too.  There is something so fun about being snowed in- for about two days, and then we are out there just pushing and shoving our car to get the heck out and into civilization (:


We did pretty good with our snow activities I think- got some sledding in (although it was almost too deep here to sled! We had to carve out a track), built a snowman and his lumpish dog, ate freshly fallen snow drizzled with maple syrup (yeah, this is kinda weird when I think about it, but it is so tasty- just think maple snow cone), and, the less thrilling part, had a power outage for most of the day and night.  At least we know where every candle in the house is now..


No question, snow covered hills and trees are the prettiest ever.  My absolute favorite part about the snow is being out side and getting completely cold and exhausted, and then coming inside, getting out of wet snow clothes and thawing by the fire with a hot beverage- happy place!


I hope you all got to play around in the snow a bit and had a few days off from our little busy lives to snuggle up and watch the flakes falling out the window!

(Thanks Sumi, for being my trusty model, taking on the cold like a champ, and letting me boss you around a fair amount (: Sisters are the best!)

xo, mason


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