A Beautiful Birthday

Yesterday I turned 18. Part of me is like, yeah, 18, cool, no big deal.  A really small part.  Mostly I cannot believe it.  These past few years (meaning like the last 5!) have totally flown by, and I am getting super excited and a teeny tiny bit freaked out by this whole next step called becoming an adult.  I am so not an adult yet, and I don’t think I will be for a while.  But the experiences and friends I’ve had over the past few years have definitely helped me to begin the long process of becoming one in the best way possible. 


Yesterday I went over to the Islands for the day with Mike.  We started out on Lopez where Mike was working for a little while, then visited Orcas to get together with his old friend and see the beautiful Inn he owns over there. 


We got to peek into the inspiring kitchen at the Inn, and meet the sweet mama pigs and their adorable piglets that he is raising.


Before catching the ferry back to Anacortes we had a delicious meal at an Italian restaurant in downtown Orcas, and I left full, happy, and grateful. 



This past year has been so fun, interesting, and challenging.  I am really curious how these next few big years are going to fold out for me and my friends and family- I’m sure we will all have some adventures!  Here’s to another year of growing and enjoying it.


xo, Mason


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