Happy Weekend!


Hey everybody! My schedule is a lot more open these days so my weekdays are pretty laid back in general, but I still get stoked for the weekends.  They’ve just got a different feel- a nice, slow down, read your novel for as long as you want, enjoy long mornings and eat late breakfasts feel.  This weekend is especially exciting because I am heading down to Portland again! (as I write this, actually- I decided to take the BOLT BUS and they have wifi on the bus! Super convenient.) I am meeting my grandma down there (yay!), and today we are going to check out the Oregon Culinary Institute and eat dinner in their restaurant. I am super excited to see what the school is like- I’ve heard lots of good things. 


I am so happy to be going back to Portland already.  I really love the vibe of the city, plus the food scene is of course awesome.  Hoping to try out some new places, namely here, here, and here, and also go back to some past favorites, like here and here

Random note: I am kind of obsessed with sky pictures these days. These are from a beautiful sunset drive to Seattle a few weeks ago. Image


I hope you all have a yummy weekend!

xo, mason


2 thoughts on “Happy Weekend!

  1. I took the BOLT bus to Portland last weekend!!!! It was awesome 🙂 They got us there 20 minutes early both coming and going, because I think they build in extra time in case of traffic. If there is no traffic, expect to get there early 🙂 Have fun!!!!!!!!!!

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