Being Home


Hey guys.  Happy New Year!  As most of you already know, my European adventure ended a little sooner than originally planned.  I got home right before the holiday season got into full swing, and it has been so, so fun to see so many people I love and be so many places I missed.  I really appreciate all your sympathy for the drastic change in plans, and I was definitely disappointed, sad, and frustrated with the whole ordeal.  BUT- being home for the holidays has been as wonderful as always, and I am just getting more and more excited for all the opportunities I have here.  Lots of you have been asking what I’m planning to do next, and I have probably been giving you a really vague answer because I have a lot of excitement but not a lot of plans.  I know that I want to go to college next fall and that applying for schools and scholarships is definitely part of the next big adventure.  Right now I am really excited about a couple Portland school as well as an art college in Savannah, Georgia.  But don’t hold me to it! (:  My mind is changing constantly about what exactly I want to study or when and where I want to study it.  I know, I know- It’s about time to make some decisions.  Again, exciting and overwhelming!


I have really loved writing this blog and sharing my travels with you all, and I can’t even say how much hearing back from you meant while I was away.  Photography, writing, lifestyle, and travel are still some of my most favorite things and I hope to continue sharing them here on this blog.  I totally don’t blame you if you don’t feel like reading quite as much now that I’m not off in some awesome foreign city having exciting experiences and eating amazing food! But I love sharing even the little things here on the blog, and I hope to do that more (and consistently) in the future. 



And by the way, the blog you SHOULD be reading is my dearest friend Rosie’s about her incredible adventures over the next few months in Latin America.  She is the best, and I am so pumped to read about her experiences. 


So thank you for supporting me you guys, both overseas and especially when I come home.  Love you all!

xo, mason


5 thoughts on “Being Home

  1. lifewithliz says:

    Well, you may be home, Mason, but you’re STILL eating amazing food. 🙂 And taking amazing photos.

  2. Love love love you Mason!!! Keep posting and I’ll keep reading. BTW, Portland rocks…just planting a little seed 😉

  3. saphinalavie says:

    You are such a darling. Decisions shmecisions! Just do everything that makes you happy, and college shmollege! If you transfer once you can do it again 🙂 luv ya!

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