Pisa + Saying Goodbye to Italy

Hey everyone! I hope you are all getting to ease back into things after a great vacation (and lots of good food).  And Christmas! Lights are going up and tinsel is being hung all over the place over here.  My Instagram feed is just one ongoing stream of Christmas tree shopping and decorating.  And there is snow up in the mountains!  I love it, but it also means it’s December, and that my time in Italy is almost up.  I (finally) found a new host in England after the first few options fell through, and (happy/sad), I am flying out to London in three hours!  The plan right now is to stay with this family until the beginning of February.  I can’t wait to get to know London, and I think that it will be a really wonderful place to be for the holidays.

For one last hoorah in Italy I decided to go this past weekend for a short trip to Pisa to see the famed tower and the supposedly sweet little town.  It was a really nice little adventure, and I got a beautiful sunny day to wander the city, eat good food, settle into a sweet hostel, and take pictures of the tower at sunset.


Get ready for way too many tower pictures…


So entertaining to watch people take the classic holding up the tower shot (:ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

After getting good and lost in the streets of Pisa, I ended up at the river right when the light was magic.  So amazing.


Came across this hip hop showcase in a small piazza.  The rappers were actually pretty good, but the best part was watching them try to get a random assortment of passerby super pumped up.


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…


When I came across this little eatery on a small street with handwritten signs on pieces of cardboard and menus on scrap paper, I knew I had to go.  I wandered around in the freezing cold until the restaurant opened and then was lead to my seat by a sweet old woman.  Her husband was in the kitchen, and they had matching wild grey hair.  They served me a wonderfully simple and delicious meal of cured meat, cheese, roasted vegetables with sweet balsamic and the most amazing focaccia.  It was all served with Italian/English small talk and so much excitement and exuberance for the food.  It was really a wonderful evening.


I wasn’t sure if these were family photos or just a random collection, but they were so beautiful


The cook got really excited at one point explaining to me in the simplest Italian he could come up with that my hairdo (just a top knot) was just like that of the model in one of Renoir’s paintings, and then insisted that his son take a picture of it (:  And how sweet is his handmade chef’s hat?Image

The epic view from my cute little hostel.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Snow in the mountains on the way home!Image

It was an awesome last weekend in Italy, and I am so glad I went on one last little adventure.  Since then I have been just soaking up my last little bit of time in Genova and packing up.  I can’t believe how fast my time here as gone, and I am so thankful for all the experiences I have had in Italy.  I want to say a better goodbye to this beautiful country in another post soon.

Until then, hope you are all having a good week!  Can’t wait to share this next part of my adventure with you!

xo, Mason

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2 thoughts on “Pisa + Saying Goodbye to Italy

  1. Grandma Julie says:

    Mason, what awesome pictures. Roy and I are gearing up for Christmas here too, how will I ever decorate the tree without you? I have to hold all your Christmas Presents, and Birthday too, and have a mega celebration when you get home. How much longer? We miss you, but are so happy to see what a wonderful time your having. So you will be in London? Give us more info on the family you will stay with, just to help me imagine it. Love Grandma Julie

  2. Rosie says:


    So amazing! I still can hardly believe what a phenomenal adventure you are having,visiting all of these dang awesome places! Luv you so so so so so much!!!!!

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