Special Spots: Boccadasse


As soon as I arrived, I knew Boccadasse would have to be a Special Spots post.  It is like the epitame of a special spot, and I was so happily surprised by it I really couldn’t stop smiling.  Boccaddase is technically a village, but it is tiny.  Its a wonderful clustering of buildings with narrow walkways winding between them that is on a steep hill that leads down to the seaside, where there is a little beach surrounded by a cluster of cafes, gelaterias, apartments and a seafood restaurant.  To one side of the beach there is a walkway and the boat storage.


Yesterday was sunny and summery warm, and I got up early(ish) to get out and soak it up before it was time to meet the older of the girls I am helping look after when she got home from school.  I took the short walk down to the port at the center of town and caught a bus that took me east down the coast, made one transfer, and got off at near Boccadasse.  It really wasn’t that far at all, and the beautiful seaside walk to get there on the Corsa Italia would be lovely on a day I have more time.  Boccadasse is a fishing village at heart, but of course has got a lot of tourist attention more recently and that seems to be what the village mainly caters to now.  The awesome thing was, while I was there at least, it didn’t feel like a tourist trap.  As I sat only a few steps away from the beach in front of a sweet little cafe with a cappuccino and watched the waves tumble onto the rocks I was sandwiched on one side by an old Italian man and on the other by a sweet novelist.  She was living in Rome but had been born in Genova, and was visiting for her book tour.  On the other side of her was another Italian man, who said goodbye to both of us tenderly before walking a few hundred feet to his home.  The author told me that he was ninety years old, and that he had been living here his whole life.  We both agreed that the sun and sea where serving him well- I would have guessed he was in his late seventies.


These guys know how to do morning paper reading.  For real.


After thoroughly enjoying my cappuccino/reading/beach/sun experience I walked a little bit around the village, mainly taking pictures wildly and trying to take it all in.


I made my way to a spot with a stunning view of the coastline further east, and eventually wandered back in the direction of the bus stop. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Don’t forget gelato! I mean, really, how could you…


I definitely will be back to this happy place. (and sorry for the overload of pictures- I couldn’t get enough!)

xo, mason

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