Rome (!!!)

Hey there guys.  I went to Rome for the weekend.  I still can’t really believe it…  The time flew, and I feel like I just saw the tip of the iceberg (in a good way).  Still so much more to discover!  Don’t worry Rome, I’ll be back.

The first day we slept in a tiny bit since we left Genova in the evening on Thursday and didn’t get settled into our apartment and to sleep until late that night.  From where we were staying we were able to walk to the colosseum in about fifteen minutes, so we went there first thing.  It was pretty phenomenal, and we ended up staying for several hours.


So far I’ve only been to pretty touristy cities, but I feel like I have been able to find some hidden treasures.  Of course, there are always those places that you want to see, and you just have to accept that hundreds of other people want to see them too.  Pretty much everywhere we went in Rome was like this, so we saw some serious crowds.  And where there are crowds, there are people trying to sell stuff.  There were about a bagillian people trying to sell you things you didn’t need in Rome.  Some were selling packs of postcards, others everything you could imagine with the pope’s face printed on it, and others some really strange things like bubble guns, or these weird plastic blobs that made a funny noise when you threw them on the ground…  There were guys still trying desperately to sell us cheap unbrellus even as were were holding our own over our heads.  It was sometimes hilarious, but usually pretty obnoxious.



After the colosseum we got some much-needed lunch and then took a little walk to this incredible church, called San Giovanni Laterno.  It is the oldest of the major basilicas of Rome, and of course has a lot of history.  I’m not very good at remembering all the details and dates, but I did really appreciate the art and architecture of the cathedral.




We stopped on the way back to the apartment and stocked up on some groceries for the weekend.


Admired some flowers (while asking for directions back to our apartment)…


Saturday we got up bright and early and headed to Vatican City.  We spent most of the day there- so much to see!  And holy cow, so many people.  We were starting to get used to it at this point.


It was incredible and definitely overwhelming to see all the art and displays at the Vatican.  You were not allowed to take pictures in the Sistine Chapel, but seeing that from the inside and Michelangelo’s masterpiece on the ceiling was definitely a highlight.

After some pizza for lunch we walked around the city a bit, and saw some beautiful streets and squares.   We eventually met up with the cousin of the family I am staying with.  He and his wife and daughter were very sweet and led us through bustling night-time Rome to get some gelato (absolutely delicious).


Even with an unexpected downpour and a very wet and chilly walk/run back to the underground and then to the apartment, it was a wonderful night.


And Sunday, we saw the Pope.  Kind of.  Honestly, I spent a lot of the time seeing the backs of people’s heads, but he was up there!

Look very closely…


I love how terrible ALL my pictures from this day at the Vatican were.  This one really cracks me up..


And this one (:


We ended the weekend with more pizza and an evening walk at a beautiful park.


Thanks for being wonderful, crowded, and delicious Rome!  I loved it.

xo, mason


One thought on “Rome (!!!)

  1. Pdavis says:

    Hi mason
    How wonderful!!!
    Thank you for Sharing your
    Experience with us. Miss
    Seeing you around the valley.

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