One of my absolute favorite things to do in the cities I have visited so far is find a hill, castle, museum, hotel, or restaurant to get up high in and take in the city from above.  European cities (or at least the ones I have been to) have the most a-maz-ing views ever. 

In Paris the rooftops were one of my favorite parts.  They are so cute with lines of adorable windows and awesome shades of blue.


In Austria the buildings were almost all extremely old and really gorgeous, plus the countless churches everywhere are super pretty. (This photo isn’t from Vienna but from a nearby city that is quite a bit smaller, called Baden.  I was so blissing out over this view.)


And Genova, packed tightly into the space between the hills and the sea, with it’s vibrant colors and buildings cascading down the land to the water.  Love it.


xo, mason


One thought on “Rooftops

  1. lifewithliz says:

    Thanks for the bliss, Mason. Wishing you more…xoxo

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