Special Spots: Pont Neuf, Paris


Lets go back to Paris.  Just for a second, anyways, to remember one really wonderful spot that I want to share with you all.  I mentioned before that I’d be doing some more Paris posts in the future, and I especially want to share some favorite little spots, whether to shop, eat, or just sit with a book for a while or people watch.  So, here is my first Special Spots post (:


Pont Neuf is a bridge (one of many!) across the Seine.  In the heart of Paris the Seine has two small islands in it, and the Pont Neuf bridge as at the end of the bigger of these islands.  It’s a beautiful bridge, but my favorite part is that on the end of the island in the middle of the bridge you can take the stairs down to where the touristy boat tours along the Seine launch.  Down here, there is a park on the tip of the island surrounded by a cobblestone walkway and beautiful willow trees.  One morning I got to the city early and the sun was shining (which didn’t happen all that often when I was in France!).  I was heading to a cafe (what else?), but decided to go sit on the tip of the island for a little while and watch the boats go by.  It was so calm and beautiful, especially early in the morning, and I felt like I had found a little oasis in the busy city.  And it would be the best picnic spot, like, ever.


xo, mason

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2 thoughts on “Special Spots: Pont Neuf, Paris

  1. Rosie says:

    So beautiful…

  2. angelina kuchar says:

    Thank you for taking the time to post your thoughts and photos! I just got caught up on your travels….. It is super fun to see what you see out there in the world. Thanks again.
    love, angelina

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