Saying Goodbye to Paris (for now!)

Today was my last day taking the metro from where I live in the suburbs into the heart of Paris.  I am catching a bus to Austria to stay near Vienna for a week on Sunday, then I’m off to Italy!  I am so excited to see both these places, but my time in Paris has gone way too fast.  I feel like there are so many special places I haven’t found yet.  Plus the places I have been to that I want to re-visit, like, everyday.  I’m already making a list of things I HAVE to squeeze into the few days I’ll have here in March before I fly home (: 

Today I wanted to do a little of everything I have loved in this city, which of course is impossible, since there is so, so much to love.  I had a really nice last day, although I didn’t get to do as much wandering through the streets and sitting in parks and along the Seine as I hoped because Paris thinks it’s winter and it was freezing all day! 

Here are some pictures of my last bittersweet day in the city of light.

Started out the day right with a quick stop into a warm boulangerie with fresh bread and butter smells pouring out into the streets.




My next stop was my favorite cafe I have found in Paris, called Ten Belles.  If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen their name pop up more than once.  Love the coffee, the baked goods, and the cozy and personal atmosphere.Image


For lunch (yes, all I do is eat), I went very non-French.  I had heard a lot about this fish and chips place called the Sunken Chip (great name, right?), and it was yummy and packed.  I guess I’m preppin’ for England (:Image


A little bit of museuming to balance out the eating…Image


And a quick au revoir to this beautiful tower ❤Image


I will miss you Paris!  Thanks for everything (:  xo, mason




One thought on “Saying Goodbye to Paris (for now!)

  1. Julie Marston says:

    Time has gone by so fast! Sounds like Paris is now firmly in your being. And, now, on to new adventures! Thanks for sharing! Love you!!!!!

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