Pilot Post

Here goes. Post number one.  I really don’t know if blogging will be a good way for me to share my experiences during my time in Europe or not, but I figure the only way to find out is to try.  I was reading some advice on how to write a cohesive and interesting blog, and apparently the main things are to write about things you are super passionate about, to blog consistently, and to have a theme or focus to your blog.  Because everything around me these days is so beautiful and new, I am hoping I won’t be short on the inspiration front.  As far as consistency, I have no idea how often it will make sense for me to post, but I’m going to try to stick with it!  I am hoping this will be a good way to keep friends and family up to date with my adventures, especially those who I am not connected with through social media, so I want to keep them posted as much as I can.  And for a theme: Things that I see, eat, and experience that I love.  Simple. 


Hopefully you’ll be hearing from me again soon!  Until then, au revoir, and a few happy Paris pictures. (:





xo, mason


One thought on “Pilot Post

  1. Virginia says:

    You’re off to a great start! Bravo. I look forward to more vignettes of your travels.

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